“What should I choose, custom app development or ready-made app solutions?”  

“Which app development process is best for me?”  

These kinds of questions may come to your mind when deciding on the app development process. 

But no worries! This article addresses all such questions. 

Do I need to tell you how important an app is to your business? Of course not! You know it.  

With 48% of small businesses having their app in 2022, the app development market is already thriving. This is a significant jump of 16% from last year.  

Though no application is flawless, custom app development comes close. Ready-made apps may look appealing, but they often cost cause you more trouble than their worth. So, it’s better to choose custom app development instead ready-made apps.  

What is Custom App Development?

Custom app development is all about building an app from scratch, keeping the needs of the company in mind. Custom software is built to fill in the gaps where existing off-the-shelf solutions fall short. When it comes to developing a unique app product concept, using low-code app platforms is never a wise idea.

Reasons To Choose Custom App Development Over Ready-Made Solutions

Let’s dive deep to understand why to opt for custom app development services!  

Custom App Development Offers Better Personalization

Personalization is one of the most compelling reasons to develop a bespoke app that will fit your business needs. Personalized solutions will help you meet your requirements, overcome obstacles, and capitalize on your strengths. 

A packaged solution may offer tons of features and functions but is designed to serve the masses. So, there could be hundreds or thousands of other apps built using the same template.  

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must opt for customized app development. It will help you build the distinct identity required in this competitive world. 

Custom App Development Gives You Higher Security

App security is the last thing you want to compromise. Customized apps are more secure than ready-made solutions and are capable of storing confidential data. Custom apps are built for the compliance needs of your business. Incorporate extra security features such as two-factor authentication and data encryption to keep the personal data of your users safe.  

On the contrary, ready-made solutions offer a template containing minimal security functions making the app vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches.  

Customized software can help you protect your firm from potential threats. Attackers will find it hard to snoop through the customized app, and hence they have less chance of being attacked.  


Provide Real-Time Monitoring

Data is a guiding factor for business. Customized software solutions can provide real-time reporting and effortless access to critical data. You can gain insights at any time while operating your mobile device and attempting to achieve corporate objectives more efficiently. Furthermore, with a custom software solution, sorting and distributing doc files is simple and convenient. 

You can view the customers’ data from anywhere at any time and obtain personalized reports based on different factors to make informed decisions. Prior investment reports, tabs, and customer data may all be accessed through customized software at any moment.


Cost-Effective In The Long Run

Costs and investments are a major worry for any new company initiative. 

Like every business, you want to save as much money as possible. So, you may look for an app development process that does not cost a big chunk of your budget.  

At first glance, custom apps seem to be more expensive than regular apps due to their initial expenses and maintenance. However, in many cases,  the opposite is true in the long run.  

When the number of users increases and data volume grows, subscription prices for pre-packaged solutions may also rise.  

Finding support for legacy apps can be costly if the product is not from a reliable source. It may be shelved or become outdated. Thus, if you are looking for long-term benefits, custom app development may be the right fit for your company. 


Offers Higher Scalability

Scalability is the area where custom apps have a clear edge over ready-made apps. When your business situation changes, you will need the flexibility of a custom application. No matter how big your team grows or how many extra features you need custom apps can do that with ease. Your app should adapt to your business not the other way around. 



Custom app development is trending, and all for good reasons. More and more companies are adopting this app development process. 

Saisystems Technology can assist you in delivering an intuitive solution with specified features and technologies of your choice.  

Discover the benefits a custom app solution can bring to your business with a no-cost consultation.   


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