Strengthen Your Revenue Cycle with Automation

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure to manage financial margins and strengthen its cash flow. With a projected loss of over $323 billion due to COVID-19, health systems now rely on maximizing their revenue cycles, improving cash flow and cutting costs.

Effective and efficient revenue cycle management is more important than ever, and the weapon of choice for many industry leaders is automation.

Despite the popular belief that automation is costly and complicated in implementation, when done right, robotic process automation (RPA) will optimize core processes cost-effectively throughout your revenue cycle.

This webinar will deep dive into how automation can transform your revenue cycle processes to improve your revenue for 2022.

Register for our webinar on October 26, 12 p.m. EST to join a discussion with:

Chris Day, Director of Sales


Kalyan Bapatla, Digital Automation Lead from Saisystems Technology team.

You will learn

– an overview of the stage of automation in revenue cycle management
– automation opportunities for high ROI in healthcare revenue cycle management
– best practices for selecting your RPA target and implementing automation

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About our speakers

Kalyan Rao Bapatla is Digital Automation Delivery Lead at Saisystems Technology. With more than 20 years of experience in the digital automation field, Kalyan has helped many organizations unlock their full potentials with digital transformation, especially in the healthcare space. Kalyan has worked with both providers and payors to enhance their processes through automation, maximize revenue and strengthen their cashflow. Kalyan’s expertise is digital transformation, robotic process automation and large-scale process architecture.


Christopher Day is Director of Sales at Saisystems Technology. Chris has more than 20 years of experience working directly with clients in the healthcare space in identifying business challenges and building data-driven, result-oriented solutions. During his tenure, Chis has helped major health institutions and payors discover their bottlenecks in a range of different processes and connect them with the most appropriate technology services, be it data management, automation or cybersecurity. Chris’ areas of expertise include revenue cycle management in healthcare, automation in billing and claim processing, and cash reconciliation.

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