Streamline the Referral Process

Automation saves time and money.

Inbound Referrals

Multi-source inbound referrals are seamlessly and securely processed.

Referral Management Software Frees You from Forms and Manual Tracking 

Inbound patient referral management software automates the transitions of care, providing a seamless and efficient platform that connects patient, providers, hospitals, and service providers to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Close the Referral Loop

Health systems are becoming more complex.  Regulations are tighter and reimbursements are shifting from fee for service to value based care.   Ensuring that the results of a specialty appointment are made available to the referring primary care physician is crucial to patient safety, compliance and compensation.


The inbound patient referral software integrates with your existing workflows and allows data between electronic medical record systems to flow seamlessly.


  • Downloads referrals from portals
  • Document Digitization
  • Patient & Doc Grouping
  • Action Determinator
  • Assign Document to Department
  • Resolve Exceptions
  • Automated Email Reports
  • Automated Alerts


User Friendly


The delivery of care takes a tremendous leap forward when technology is applied properly.

Patient referral management software allows you to automate the tedious and time-consuming elements of the referral process.

When the process is more efficient the patient receives care faster.

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