Intelligent Patient Referral Management

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A Seamless Platform for Patient Care.

ReferralQ provides an integrated referral management portal and enables a digitized and automated referral management processes that:

  • Increases efficiency and time savings
  • Reduces errors and delays
  • Streamlines administrative tasks
  • Integrates with EHRs and other systems

Automate your Patient Referral Process and Combat Referral Leakage

Key Features

Automation and Digital Workflows: Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to automated workflows. ReferralQ eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry, ensuring a streamlined and error-free experience.

Real-Time Tracking: With ReferralQ, you’ll have access to real-time tracking of referrals. Keep track of the status and progress of each referral at any given moment, allowing for better coordination and faster decision-making.

Seamless Communication Channels: Collaboration among providers has never been easier. ReferralQ provides seamless communication channels that facilitate effective communication and information sharing between healthcare professionals. Improve care coordination and enhance patient outcomes.

Ensuring Compliance with Healthcare Standards: Compliance with healthcare standards is essential. ReferralQ ensures that your referral management processes adhere to these standards, safeguarding patient data and avoiding any legal or security complications.



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Patient Referrals


Case Study

The Challenge:

The client, with multiple service locations, was processing a high volume of referrals arriving from a variety of sources (various EHRs, emails, and fax servers) by manually reviewing the documents, and attaching them to patient charts in the respective EMR’s.

Compounded with communication issues, they were facing difficulties getting referrals processed quickly and providing patients their care in an efficient manner.

Our Solution:

A new intelligent patient referral management system was deployed the client saw dramatic improvements.

  • Automated email alerts to various service locations and effective communication
  • Quicker processing time for effective patient care
  • Automated review of documents using document digitalization
  • Tracking and reports provided for effective decision-making for the operations team
  • Closing the referral loop
  • Identification and quicker processing of new referrals adding business value with a high percentage of not missing the referrals

Centralized Referral Management

Customizable EHR Integration

Automated Closed-loop Feedback

Integrated Patient Communication 

Close the Loop on Referrals

Eliminate Referral Leakages

Reduce Processing Time

Track the Status of Each Referral

Care Orchestration Icon

Care Orchestration

Alerts, notifications, tracking, and better analytics for operational decision-making.

Workflow Icon

Customizable Workflow

Streamlining the workflow reducing referral leakage

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FHIR Integration

 Flexibility of the application to connect with various healthcare systems

Scheduling App

Appointment Scheduler

Appointments based on the nearest service location, availability, and urgency of care

Verification icon

Eligibility Verification

Validate if a new referral or existing referral, insurance validation, and consent forms verification with task creation accordingly

ReferralQ: Comprehensive Solution for Patient Referral Management