2020 Data Analytics Infographic

Infographic ’22 Data Analytics

2022 Data Analytics Statistics

Dive into how data analytics is improving business.

Did you know that 32% of companies have altered their longer-term strategies in response to changes brought about 
by data and analytics?

Or that 94% of business and enterprise analytics professionals say data and analytics are critical to their organization’s digital transformation programs?

The Data Analytics Infographic takes a dive into the inportant stats, that may change the way your organization views and uses data.

You’ll discover:

  • Top Benefits Companies Receive from Analytics.
  • Considerations when Selecting Analytics Software
  • Barriers to the effective use of analytics
  • Most Notable Stats
  • Business Analytics Software Market Statistics
  • Importance of Data Analytics in Businesses
  • How Businesses are Using Data Analytics
  • Businesses Intelligence Insights Statistics


Download the infographic now and find out more.

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