Intelligent Document Processing

Extracts and Classifies Quickly and Accurately

Documents Still Matter

Documents are the primary tool of record keeping, communicating, collaborating and transacting.

They are everywhere, but how you handle them makes all the difference.

  • 25% of business operation scenarios still rely on documents which hamper digital transformations.
  • Manual processing, OCR and other solution such as rule and template-based extraction do not work at scale. They are expensive, error prone, time consuming and often impractical.
  • Organizations struggle to process large volumes of documents with precision and speed (especially semi-structured and unstructured documents).

Don’t get buried in a mountain of paper.  Unlock the data stored in your documents and exploit the value of this intelligence.

Ask us how.


Reduction in Document Processing Time


Reduction in Errors


Reduction in Operational Costs


Increase in Document Volume


Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Turn Documents to Data

Valuable data is trapped within your documents.

Form field responses, key dates, approval statuses, contract details, historic records – and the list goes on.

Extraction, classification and implementation unlocks a world of possibilities form advanced automation to business intelligence, that can transform the way your team works.

6 Step IDP Process trans BG

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) – The Smartest Way to Process Documents