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Digital Automation

Supercharge your operations with the power of hyperautomation.

Faster, smarter, better.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Cost

A bot works 24/7 at 100% productivity, compared to humans’ average productivity of 60% with 56 interruptions per day.

Augmenting humans with digital automation bots in repetitive tasks empowers your employees to focus on decision making, innovation and critical analysis, allowing them to operate at the top of their skill level.

It’s the perfect combination of virtual and human workforce: increased capacity, more meaningful participation of employees, and a positive ROI in less than a year.

Why RPA? These case studies will answer.

Digital automation is one of the most versatile and flexible technologies. Learn how automation can solve your specific business challenges, regardless of your industry vertical or business function.

Are you in these industries?

RPA in Healthcare Icon


RPA helps owners maintain 100% processing accuracy and 100% FTE savings.

RPA in Financial Services Icon

Financial Services

RPA helps reduce accounting processing time by 65% and reduce error rate to 0% in 6 weeks.

RPA in Retail Icon


RPA accelerates cash-to-order process by handling 80% of transaction volumes with 100% accuracy.

RPA in Insurance Service 2 Icon

Insurance Service

RPA can automate 40% of the claim management process to drive 68% improvement in productivity and eliminate all risks in sensitive transaction.

Or do you work in these functions?

RPA in Finance Icon

Finance: Learn how RPA can accelerate analysis and reporting by eliminating manual data gathering and reports generation, reducing the numbers of clicks to complete reports from 100+ to 3.

RPA in Human Resources Icon

HR: Learn how RPA can empower full cycle recruitment with advanced data processing, storing and transfer between HR systems.

RPA in Business Admin Icon

Business Admin/Owner: Learn how RPA optimize the daily reporting process by automating data gathering from multiple sources.

End Repetitive Tasks and Streamline Operations

Leverage the power of automation to complete repetitive tasks with higher speed, better accuracy and at scale.

At 20x the speed of humans, with near 100% accuracy and the ability to integrate across multiple systems, a bot can break down data bottlenecks in your operations.*

Your data is ready at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. 

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Focus on Innovation and Leap into the Future

Engaging a digital workforce is at the center of a digital transformation strategy.

RPA technology unites the transformation forces in your organization and help bring their visions into reality.

An RPA solution can be deployed in the matter of weeks and scale as needed. In a world of constant changes, that flexibility and agility ensure your position ahead of the crowd and ensure competitive advantages for your workforce.

Saisystems Technology Friendly Bot improvements

With Digital Automation, You’re in the Driver Seat

No organization is too small to benefit from automation. The first step is to find the most suitable process with highest level of benefits to start your automation journey and prove the ROI.

Partner with our experienced team to build a hyperautomation roadmap and discover how process analysis could help accelerate and bring visibility within your business.

Concierge level of service and a consultative approach to problem solving ensures you get the most value out of any automation with good prospect for scalability.

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Ready to jumpstart your transformation with digital automation?

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*According to IBM research