Data Services Takes the Guesswork out of Business Decisions

Saisystems Technology Data Services

Arm yourself with complete, accurate and timely data to always make smart decisions.

Let no data fall through the cracks.

Complete data and full visibility of your operation is never optional. It means survival.

Utilizing Saisystems Technology’s data management solutions to capture and integrate your growing volume of data, radically streamlines the data management process with advanced architecture and interoperability that ensures reliability, scalability and availability.

A new experience for growing companies.

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Turn your data into actionable insights.

Staying on top of the game means consistently making smart decisions.

Enhance your decision-making power with data-driven operational insights and business intelligence.

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Eliminate process blind spots with powerful KPI tracking.

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Gain a competitive advantage with robust data modeling, out-of-the-box analytics and powerful visualization.

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Predict future business trends and behaviors through complex predictive analytics.

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Full-service data analytics and visualization unleashes the full potential of your data and drives innovation.

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Don’t guess.

Know exactly what your next actions need to be.

Quality data at your fingertip, always.

Your database expands as your organization scales. To go the distance, you need a data governance strategy for availability, security and quality built specifically for your situation. No one-size-fit-all.

Saisystems data governance solutions are built specific to your business challenges. From data security and quality assurance to full-service data governance and stewardship, our solutions match your specific needs and level of readiness.

Enjoy a concierge-level of service throughout your data projects’ lifecycle that guarantee to accelerate your business decisions.

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Our Scope of Service

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Data Management

  • Data architecture and data strategy
  • Master data management and data source assessment
  • Data integration setup and testing with major systems such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service
  • Overall data governance
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Data Visualization and BI

  • Immersive visual and powerful dashboards development
  • Upgrade existing dashboards and visualization
  • KPI Tracking
  • Consolidated views, interactive data and reports development
  • Business Behaviors, Trends and Requirements Analysis
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Analytics and Predictive Analysis

  • Data management and preparation
  • Predictive and statistical modeling
  • Optimization for key business impacts, such as lifetime value and demand forecasting

Is Poor Data Hurting Your Bottom Line?

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