Ransomware is malicious software that infects your device and encrypts your data. Your files and devices become unavailable until a ransom payment is made to the cyber-criminal. 

Encryption is a method that converts plain text into a secret code, typically the converted text will appear as a random combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. To decrypt the code back to plain text, a special key is required. 

How do you get infected with ransomware?

The attack process starts with an exploit kit or spam that has the ransomware infection attached. It may be a link to click, a malicious website you visit, or an open network that gives hackers unauthorized access. At this point, the attacker has control of the device and infects all your data by encrypting it. 


Who may be a victim of this?

Everyone! Small, Medium, large, and personal networks can fall victim to ransomware.

How do you protect yourself from ransomware?

Security Awareness Training:
If you and your staff know what to look out for and understand the latest techniques cybercriminals are using to infect systems, your organization has a better chance of avoiding infection.

Cybersecurity Products:

Nothing is 100% effective in preventing cyber-attacks but using more than one security service or product is a strong preventative method to combat Cyber threats. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated as technology advances, hackers almost always find weaknesses.

Anti-virus Software:

Anti-virus software is highly recommended but, you should have multiple layers of protection in place.

Anti-Malware Software:

Most anti-malware software is designed to complement Antivirus products, it’s recommended you use both.

Whitelisting Software:

Whitelisting software allows only known good software that you approve of to run or execute on your system. All other applications will automatically be prevented from running or executing.

Backup Solutions

it’s essential to have your data backed up. You can quickly recover from an attack when your data is backed up and kept offsite or not connected to your network.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and it is a terrific time to train your team and strengthen your infrastructure.

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