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Saisystems Technology cybersecurity Services

Wherever you go, whoever you work with, whatever you work on, you face cyber threats.

Build a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation

Start securing your business from the ground level with cybersecurity hygiene.

Much like your body, your system needs proper care and maintenance to stay resilient against threats.

Don’t give cybercriminals the chance to exploit vulnerabilities from fragmented files and outdated programs.

Inspect your system in real time and implement cyberhygiene best practices and procedures to ensure your peak resilience at all time.

Full Protection to End Devices

Traditional antivirus is no longer enough to protect your endpoint devices. Any network-connected devices, from smartphones to printers and medical devices, can now be targeted in cyber attacks.

Protect your devices and maintain business availability with Saisystems Technology’s in-depth end-point protection solutions.

Go beyond signature-based threat detection to the regularly updated Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service.

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Understand Your System and Eliminate Weaknesses  

No system is perfect and without vulnerabilities. Information Security is an ongoing and 24/7 race between attackers identifying your systems’ flaws and defense teams securing those weaknesses.

To win this race, you need to spot your own problems before the attackers.

Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing provide you with the extra arm to protect your organization’s data by flagging security weaknesses and building guidance to address them.

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Maintain compliance with regulations.

Many industries have specific regulations regarding information security, risk mitigation and network infrastructure.

Navigating those requirements can be overwhelming and building a certified system in-house is costly.

For the last 30 years, organizations have partnered with Saisystems Technology experts to cost-effectively build compatible and compliant security systems.

With our concierge level of service, our team can help you identify compliance issues, build an effective action plan and execute that plan to get the systems certified in the shortest time.

Scope of Services

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Cybersecurity Hygiene Icon

Cybersecurity Hygiene

Endpoint Security Icon

Endpoint Security

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Icon

Regulatory Compliance Maintenance

IT Asset Management Icon

IT Asset Management

Managed Security Operational Center Icon

Managed Security Operational Center

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Icon

Simulated Phishing & Security Awareness Education

Cybersecurity Consulting Icon

Cybersecurity Consulting

Is your business strong enough in today’s world of cyber threats?

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