It has been a transformative year for Saisystems Technology and for many of our clients. The advent of new technologies, and ease of access has helped small to mid-size business enterprises leverage frameworks and tools that were previously out of reach. These solutions were either cost prohibitive or their current business environment inhibited them due to the absence of in-house skills, lack of mature tech, or the high degree of efforts needed for development and customization.

We have made great strides in bringing these digital technologies to our clients. They unlocked new business opportunities, gained productivity, and enhanced the satisfaction of their employees.

Within the first month of deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one of our customer’s reported a 91% increase in efficiency and their existing team was able to process 2X the volume they previously handled manually. Other clients have experienced the same or higher productivity gains. They continue to work with our delivery teams and SMEs to create better analytics, streamline and automate other business processes, enhance mobility, and create better user experiences.

The Saisystems Technology team has been selected as supplier of choice by 2 new clients this past month for analytics and process automation. In both these opportunities we were up against much larger, publicly listed competitors.

What differentiated us from our counterparts was our team’s ability to understand the customer’s business. We presented them with a road map of their digital journey and an agile approach. We evaluated the right technology and frameworks, identified the ROI, and demonstrated the value their businesses would be able to gain through measurable metrics.

We are thankful and proud of our clients for leading these initiatives, for their confidence in our capabilities, and our global team members for driving these successful transformations.


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