Digital Transformation is Accelerating  in 2021

In the arena of application modernization, “Agility” is the theme of 2021. After a year full of changes, organizations continue to build more nimble operations to adapt to any market changes quickly. High demands for functionalities from consumers and increasing needs for efficiency from internal teams require quick, effective, and decisive actions from the IT organizations to lead the digital transformation.

74% of large companies* acknowledged that IT organization is driving business transformation by accelerating the digital transformation process, which continues to be on top of the list for high-growth companies.

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Thus, pressure continues to mount on IT organizations to drive business transformation while monitoring and adjusting to sudden market shifts. There is no more room for home-grown systems and large, monolithic, expensive, inflexible, and brittle applications. Modern IT teams are switching to an agility-centric approach to application modernization and development to build more agile systems with nimble integration.

2021 Challenges You Need to Know

COVID-19 has shed light on how external changes may require a total and complete redesign of your business operation overnight. These continue to be challenges that IT teams need to account for in planning and modernizing their applications in 2021.  

Changes in business model

The most common switch in the business model during COVID-19, which continues to impact the way companies operate until today, was from a physical-heavy business model to an online one for increased accessibility. The retail sector witnessed this change first-hand in 2020, where brands needed to adapt quickly from depending heavily on a bricks-and-mortar model to an almost complete online solution in order to meet social distancing requirements.  

As in this example, these shifts sometimes need to happen quickly, while still being fully supported by a back-end system that can handle the new traffic and data streams. Quick updates and migration of your legacy system to more modern technologies, and even an application or web portal, can help ensure your adjustment takes place immediately and seamlessly.

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Changes in workflow

The change in business model results in changes in internal workflow, from supplier onboarding to vendor management down to customer-facing functions like support and help desk. As much as IT organizations need to meet customers’ demands, they are also responsible for empowering their internal teams to operate at max efficiency and effectiveness.

Many obsolete systems with poor integration and support for newer apps remain the core of business functions. This limits the organization’s ability to bring in new systems and integrate quickly to address both internal and external demands for changes.

An organization’s responsiveness is only as strong as its IT organization’s ability to scale.  Operational teams are dependent on the IT team for full visibility, automation, data availability, and process agility.

Change in mode of operation

The switch from a physical to a remote mode of operation entails more reliance on technology and a stronger need for constant and instant connection. With that comes the need for more functionalities, better security and enhanced visibility and controls. Many legacy systems allow for limited or no remote access. With 30% of working professionals saying they would quit if forced to return to office after the pandemic**, reliable access to your application and data determines the productivity of your workforce.   

Poor security is also a top concern for organizations with a remote workforce. Not only does it bring significant financial impacts to the company, poor security in your apps also disrupts your business processes, lowers customer satisfaction and kills your momentum to achieve digital transformation.

Modernize Your Application With An Agility-focused Approach

On average, legacy systems make up 31% of a company’s IT structure, and many legacy systems are at the core of business functions. As technology continues to evolve every day, it’s critical to keep your applications easy to use, easy to upgrade, and easy to expand. 

Application modernization can lead your transformation processes and become the key to building an agile system. With the entire industry predicted to grow by 20.1%, reaching $20.1B***, app modernization with an agility-centered approach needs to be at the top of the agenda for any organization looking to grow in 2021.  

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