At Saisystems Technology we solve complex business problems through technology, and collaboration.

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Our Solutions

Bank Reconciliation and Journal Entries

As companies scale, they can experience a lack of standardization in bank statement formats, timing discrepancies between bank and company data, and backlogs from the volume and complexity of transactions.

Outsourced bank reconciliation and journal entries can:

  • Find and correct accounting errors
  • Identify and prevent fraudulent charges
  • Minimize overdraft risk
  • Discover uncollected receivables

Intelligent Document Processing

Document are everywhere: 25% of business operation scenarios still rely on documents which hamper digital transformations.

Manual processing, OCR and other solutions such as rule and template-based extraction don’t work at scale. They’re expensive, error prone, time consuming and are often just impractical.  

If you need to process semi- and unstructured documents with precision and speed IDP can:

  • Improve efficiency of workflows
  • Reduce risk of human errors
  • Support effective compliance
  • Reduce labor costs

Intelligent Patient Referral Management

Inefficient referral workflows are choked by manual and paper base processes, errors, reworks, communication andiInformation gaps and referral leakages and mistakes in provider hand-offs result in missed or delayed diagnoses in 20% of malpractice claims.

Intelligent patient referral management can:

  • Improve provider communication
  • Increase efficiency while maintining accuracy
  • Improve patient care
  • Close the referral loop

Saisystems Technology Cor4™ Capabilities

Application Development graphic

Application Development

Robust, scalable, and secure web/mobile solutions tailored to your needs through our agile development approach.

Data Services

Analytics and Data Services

Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights to inform decision-making and drive business success.

Digital Automation

Digital Process Automation

Streamline workflows with custom solutions, analyzing systems, and processes to maximize efficiency.

Architectural design services graphic

Architectural Design Services

BIM services covering concept design to construction documentation. Experience a seamless project lifecycle with our architectural expertise.


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