Understanding the Post-Acute Business Model

Post-acute practices are on the front line when it comes to adapting to changes in the healthcare system. Regulatory changes create unique reimbursement challenges and it requires a well-planned strategic approach to succeed and grow a practice in today’s environment.

The primary obligation of the practitioners must always be the care of the patient but now more then ever before the outcome of that care is being directly linked to compensation, further connecting care-giving responsibilities to administrative, logistic and strategic issues.

For independent practices, managing both the clinical and business responsibilities can be daunting and maintaining the staff and infrastructure required to manage regulatory changes, credentialing, billing, an EHR, and the myriad of other responsibilities is impractical and can be a burden to the practice.

The Optimal Post-Acute Practice

The optimal post-acute practice is lean and agile. It captures charges on location, and it has a team of experts not only managing the services needed support the clinicians practicing, but it is delivering actionable data that is vital for decision making, all while keeping overhead costs low.

The insights created but such a team only come from analysis of quality metrics. The information garnered from provider performance and patient health data is the foundation of an analytics-based strategy. Harnessing this is the key to the growth of a practice.

Post-acute practices are most often multi-facility, multi-specialist and multi-state operations and require a partnership with an organization that works with the practice to deliver strong technology, innovate and strive for performance improvement.

Fortunately, getting started only takes an email or phone call to the right person.

If you are thinking of starting a post-acute practice, stabilizing your existing practice or have a vision for growth, Saisystems Health can help you on your journey the right way.

When the strategic, logistic and administrative levers are handled by experts your providers are free to be the best care-giver you can be.

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