Seva and the Spirit to Serve

Seva has been mentioned frequently in my messages. It is the Sanskrit term for selfless service. We have since incorporated Seva as one of our essential core values.

Earlier this month we had the great fortune of serving our community through Junior Achievement. Many of our team members volunteered their time to teach young students about various aspects of global business.

The fifth and six grade students embraced the break from their regular curriculum and were engaged and curious.

The volunteers represented Saisystems International proudly and shared a mutual enjoyment of the event. One employee who was participating for her second time said “…well worth the time and energy. Children are more worldly today with multi-cultural and multi-generational families so they surprise themselves and us with their knowledge.”

Being of service becomes a habit that builds upon itself. Internally, we are of service to our teams, which in turn allows us to provide better service to our clients. Then the will to serve flows beyond the walls into our community.

Hopefully every outreach within the community will inspire others to do the same. When we all serve each other we all succeed together.


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