Welcome Mikell Clayton and Michael Healey

Saisystems Health Strengthens its Digital Health Team with the Addition of Mikell Clayton and Michael Healey

Saisystems Health team would like to welcome Mikell Clayton as Product Analyst. Mikell brings extensive experience in the Post Acute Long Term Care (PALTC) field with expertise in clinical and practice management, specifically in compliance with Medicare policy initiatives.

Mikell Clayton will join Mike Healey, VP of Products, in the Digital Health team. Mike Healey joined Saisystems Health earlier this year, following his leadership roles with GPM, Corp and Extended Care Physicians. Mike Healey brings with him 13 years of experience in the PALTC field building software tools and strategies to help PALTC organizations scale.

“Since joining Saisystems Health, Mike Healey has shown strong leadership in executing our vision and delivering value and innovation in our product strategies,” said David Lane, VP of Saisystems Health. “With Mike’s leadership and Mikell’s expertise in the PALTC field, we’re confident that Saisystems Health will continue to deliver value as your leading partner in management services and software tools.”

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As Chief Innovation/Technology Officer for over 10 years, Mike Healey is well versed on the vexing issues that our customers face: how to grow revenue through relationships with facilities and practitioners, and build strategies to navigate complicated government requirements, such as Quality Programs, Meaningful Use (Promoting Interoperability), MIPS & ACOs in order to claim incentives, and avoid penalties. With the addition of Mikell Clayton as Product Analyst, Mike Healey and the Digital Health team is committed to advance practice management strategies by automating back-office tasks building tools to enable providers to maintain the lifestyle they desire.

“Saisystems Health is modernizing the way post-acute long-term care practices operate. We’re committed to using our technical expertise to uncover value within your processes and helping optimize your operation through digital approaches and solutions,” said Mike Healey. “We want to put time back with physicians and practitioners by automating administrative and providing solutions tailored to their daily needs. We are your partner in driving growth in you practice.”

Our specialists can give you a complimentary consultation to uncover technical gaps for optimization in your systems.

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