SHELTON, Conn. (March 31, 2021) Saisystems Health, the leading partner in products and services for long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) practices, announced the latest addition to its SNFist™ Suite of products and services – an electronic health record designed for and by LTPAC care professionals that will provide full visibility into patients’ data and enhance operational efficiency.


PacEHR™ electronic health record joins a suite of established products including tools for charge capture, telehealth, business intelligence visualizations, and revenue cycle management all build for LTPAC practitioners. Saisystems is now providing Communication, Billing and Data systems, along with managed services, that cover the full spectrum of managing a practice and provide the benefits of a back-office without the overhead burden.


“LTPAC practitioners make up less than 5% of the medical professional community in the U.S., which excludes their workflow from the many existing electronic health record, or EHR, solutions. The lack of a specialized EHR product has been a big hindrance in the adoption of EHR in the LTPAC industry and prevents many practices from unlocking its immense benefits,” said Michael Healey, VP of Saisystems Digital Health. “PacEHR is built upon our 30 years of experience in the LTPAC industry, a deep understanding of its unique workflow, and our empathy of the challenges that LTPAC professionals face every day due to the lack of efficient technology and products. PacEHR’s features are designed with the specific goal of transforming the way practices operate and giving LTPAC professionals full visibility and control of their practices”.


PacEHR will help LTPAC practitioners save time on documentation, improve billing code accuracy with coding suggestions based on patients place of service, and develop strategies around payment models and programs to help combat the lowered reimbursement rates they face in 2021 and beyond.  The group will gain visibility into their practice to allow them to grow the practice while providing an easy to use tool for practitioners to keep detailed records at a record pace.   


“PacEHR reiterates our passion with the LTPAC community and our commitment to delivering the highest-quality products and services they deserve. We’re excited to continue empowering LTPAC partners and help them unlock sustainable growth,” said Michael Healey.


The Shelton, CT-based company supports practitioners who provide bedside services in skilled nursing facilities, long-term care and assisted living facilities, and mobile practices, many of whom currently rely on telehealth to provide continuing care to vulnerable patients. Along with the company’s current suite of offerings, which includes financial, administrative, clinical and software solutions, the SNFist™ Suite of products and services eliminates technological and administrative concerns, ensuring that providers can focus on providing the highest quality care to their patients.


Learn more about PacEHR.

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