SHELTON, Conn. (April 15, 2021) Saisystems Health, the leading partner in products and services for post-acute long-term care (PALTC) practices, announced the latest update to its SNFConnect app – an on-call phone system that completes the communication tool for PALTC.

 SNFConnect joins a suite of established products including tools for electronic health records, charge capture, telehealth, business intelligence visualizations, and revenue cycle management, all build for PALTC practitioners. Saisystems is now providing integrated Communication, Billing and Data systems, along with managed services, that cover the full spectrum of managing a practice and provide the benefits of a back-office without the overhead burden.

 With the addition of the on-call phone system, SNFConnect now offers an enterprise-level communication system for PALTC. The app provides one-touch communication between facilities and practices during after-hours and on-call coverage while maintaining providers privacy. The centralized, cloud-based system features multi-channel communication (HIPAA-secure text messages, phone calls and video messaging), telehealth and robust reporting capabilities, ensuring complete visibility of history and optimization opportunities for practices. With end-to-end HIPPA compliance, SNFConnect truly connects providers to the nursing staff to improve patient quality of care and prevent potential unnecessary hospitalizations.

 “The new on-call phone system is built upon the belief that providers should be able to balance between accessibility and privacy without sacrificing care quality, starting with a system that can transfer calls to the appropriate on-call person and help them make a quick decision about patient care. SNFConnect ensures that providers have the best tool to navigate the complex care of our populations,” said Michael Healey, VP of Digital Health. “We want patients to receive timely care, providers to get back their work-life balance, and practices never to miss any opportunities for optimization and growth. We’re excited to continue empowering PALTC partners and help them unlock sustainable growth.”

The Shelton, CT-based company supports practitioners who provide bedside services in skilled nursing facilities, long-term care and assisted living facilities, and mobile practices, many of whom currently rely on telehealth to provide continuing care to vulnerable patients. Along with the company’s current suite of offerings, which includes financial, administrative, clinical and software solutions, the SNFist™ Suite of products and services eliminates technological and administrative concerns, ensuring that providers can focus on providing the highest quality care to their patients.

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