RPA in Healthcare is Saving Seconds and Saving Lives

RPA in Healthcare During a Global Pandemic

In a health crisis, every moment can make the difference between life or death. Beyond the time it takes a care provider to reach a patient, there are potentially dangerous slowdowns in forms that may not be obvious.

COVID-19 testing centers are in great demand and managing the volume of patients can be a time-consuming process. At each location every patient must be registered and validated as “new” or “existing” patients of that facility (or center). The labeling and processing of those tests must be efficient and accurate. In the busiest testing facilities, the wait time is measured in hours.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is reducing that wait time. Attended bots, which are processes that work with the interaction of humans, take patient data and compare it to the electronic medical records (EMR) through a secure environment which records the results.

With the automation from RPA, tasks that can take a human up to three minutes to execute, are completed in under 20 seconds.

The process is shaving minutes off the wait time per patient and accelerating the process of getting care to the cases that are urgent while also reducing backlog.

Furthermore, these bots continue to increase efficiency even after the testing. The current process infection control authorities use to properly log all of these test results requires a clinician to manually validate and enter disease codes into the system which takes hours each day. With RPA, this process can be fully automated. The proper disease codes can be extracted from a database and entered into the system while unattended, thus allowing clinicians to use this time to better care for their patients.

RPA in Healthcare & Human Resources

 The bots are still doing their part in the back office as well. Human Resources departments are processing thousands of volunteer applications with automation to help them with pre-screening, background checks and onboarding. Supply orders are being automated to keep the shelves stocked and claims processing is being streamlined.

In large hospitals and private practices RPA processes are being implemented and heeding positive results that increase efficiency of patient care and back office processes, which saves time, money and lives.

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