It’s no secret that technology has altered the way every industry conducts business, but none has been shaped more than the world of healthcare. Whether it’s managing your patient’s health records or ensuring that all of their bills have been settled, technology plays a pivotal role in any practice, no matter what you specialize in. This is why finding the perfect RCM/EHR bundle is so important for any practice.

Utilizing the proper EHR (electronic health record) and RCM (revenue cycle management) systems can be the difference between failure and success, between life and death. Both systems play crucial yet vastly different roles within a practice’s operation. A state-of-the-art EHR platform can help physicians make better treatment decisions in real-time scenarios, whereas an optimized RCM system benefits a practice by reducing billing errors and administrative problems: two separate systems, two different purposes.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? An RCM/EHR bundle that handles it all, so you don’t have to? With Saisystems RCM and PacEHR™ electronic health record Bundle, you can. Within this post, we’ll not only dive deep into what makes our RCM system and PacEHR™ electronic health record both one of a kind, but we’ll also take a look into how these two can benefit your practice when brought together in an RCM/EHR bundle.

Learn more about the advantages of pairing RCM services with the PacEHR™ electronic health record.

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Keeping Order: PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record Features 

Keeping one’s records in order is a challenge in and of itself, one that is much easier said than done. Because these records can hold sensitive and classified information about your patients, it’s crucial that you keep these files secure and in proper order.

Developed by a dedicated team of experts, our PacEHR™ electronic health record system has a handful of features designed to benefit and streamline the PALTC practice’s workflow. With benefits such as:

  • Reduced time spent on documentation.
  • Integration with effective software systems and facilities.
  • Increased coding accuracy with maximized reimbursement and reinforced income flow
  • Accumulated data within your care continuum to result in an easy exchange of information with other facilities

Settling the Bill: RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Properties

For even something so crucial, it’s no surprise that billing can be a major headache. With all the numbers and data being thrown around, it can be easy to get lost in the mix. But with the right RCM system, taking on a payment schedule doesn’t have to be the hassle it’s been made out to be. Carefully developed to focus on your practice’s needs, our RCM platform can help solve issues such as:

  • Reduce administrative issues with industry expertise in billing, coding, and much more.
  • Eradicate payment interruptions while reinforcing your revenue using data insights.
  • Optimize revenue performance with enhanced billing and analytics efficiency.

Having the Best of Both Worlds: Bundle Benefits

Running a practice takes hard work, focus, and dedication. It also involves countless running parts and systems to manage. Why not make your life easier and simplify it then? With our RCM/EHR bundle, integrating your practice’s systems and platforms has never been easier. Whether it be eliminating payment interruptions or streamlining electronic health records, this RCM/EHR bundle is a perfect all-in-one platform that can benefit your practice with attributes such as:

  • Our proprietary business intelligence software, navigatEHR, is included resulting in greater insight and in-depth analytics
  • A consistent platform of clinical and billing data as well as full transparency, creating seamless integration that links the encounters you enter in PacEHR™ electronic health record to your RCM
  • Provides the convenience of one vendor and one point of contact to eliminate any needless stress or confusion
  • No monthly fee for connecting with your practice management systems (Disclaimer: practices using an EHR that is different than their practice management system may have to use an HL7 interface to provide accurate results)
  • Works seamlessly with your practice management system
  • No need to worry about part-time or full-time employees with a charge of percentage collection instead of a flat-license fee.


Leave behind the days of drowning in waves of paperwork and data. With Saisystems’ all-in-one RCM/EHR bundle, your practice can avoid the typical pitfalls of billing errors, record mismanagement, and faulty data. Elevate your practice today by clicking the link below for an in-depth look into everything our RCM/PacEHR™ electronic health record bundle has to offer.

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