Preparing for 2020

with the Lessons of 2019

2019 is ending and these final weeks of December provide an excellent opportunity to take pause and review the goals we set for ourselves and our businesses. It is a time to measure our successes, as well as the moments we had to learn and grow.

I reflect upon the past year with pride. As an organization we were recognized as a Top Tech Company and Supplier of the Year and I was honored with the 2019 Asian American Leadership Award by the United States Pan Asian Chamber Of Commerce

Another honor we received truly reflects the way our core values shape and grow our company. Once again we were named one of the top ten Best Places to Work in Connecticut. This year we hold the number three position. Much of this award is based directly on the feedback of the men and women who work here. We strive to not only care for our clients, but for each other and this achievement recognizes that.

But as we pursue excellence, we must stay focused and not forget that there are challenges still to come. We must continue to discover innovative ways to provide value to our clients.

Our latest way is with the launch of Saisystems Digital. Through the creation of our new entity Saisystems Digital, we will be able to provide higher level of service to our clients. We will shorten their digital transformation cycle significantly, providing them a competitive advantage and transforming them into digitally empowered organizations.

20-20 is a number associated with clear vision and focus, so as we enter the year 2020, let us be reminded of keeping our focus on growth. Within our organizations let us expand how we serve our clients. Let’s find opportunities to contribute to their success and in doing so grow as a valued resource.

Individually let us grow as well. Let us grow our skills so we have the capability to help others and grow our compassion so that we have the will to provide that help.

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