Practice Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Its more than just data.

Complete data is good, but not enough to elevate your practice to the next level.  

navigatEHR turns your data into actionable insights with powerful visualizations and out-of-the-box dashboards.

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Unlock Insights 

One system to manage your data and reports from all sources and transform them with powerful analytics.  

Whether it is from your practice management system, electronic health records or accounting platform, we can have all your data covered.  

Understand how your practice is performing and unveil growth opportunities with real-time data and analytics from navigatEHR. 

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Its your data –

Access it your way.

Too often, practices find themselves waiting for days on reports and in some cases, access can even be limited.    

Your data should be accessible whenever you try to make a decision.

No more lag time.

Our dashboards show what

you need to know, and more.

  • Patient Charge and Collections 
  • Payor Mix 
  • Accounts Receivable analysis 
  • Productivity 

Customizable dashboards and data drill down ensures instant access to the data you need without the wait.

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