Payor Enrollment and Credentialing 

Say goodbye to payment interruptions due to untimely enrollment and renewals with payors.

Our experts can reduce the administrative workload, ensure timely completion of enrollment and renewals, and eliminate payment interruptions. 

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Initial and ongoing enrollment with payors impacts a practices ability to effectively see patients and bill and collect from insurance companies. 

Saisystems Health offers PALTC practice support and credentialing services for both groups and individual providers, including creation and management of CAQH profiles, enrollment and revalidation with Medicare via the PECOS system, and enrollment and revalidation with all commercial payors. 

Constant monitoring of the latest trends among various payor contracts.

We enroll practices to receive electronic funds transfers, ensuring payments are received in a timely and effortless manner.

Paired with our revenue cycle services, our team constantly monitors trends among various payor contracts, and advises providers on which services have the best potential for reimbursement.  

Proven Process for Credentialing

Our proven process is streamlined for each states requirements so that provider credentialing is completed in less time with higher accuracy. 

You can save time, save money, ensure timely enrollment and renewals, and improve collections. 

Discover more ways to get paid. 

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