It should be no surprise that communication plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry. It’s what keeps you in constant contact with your patients, allowing you to make real-time, effective decisions that could quite possibly be the difference between life and death. This is why it’s so important to have a dedicated communication system that is as reliable as it is durable.

SNFConnect is an enterprise-level communication system for long-term post-acute care developed to improve patient care quality with robust reporting capabilities, an on-call system, and end-to-end compliance and visibility. These key features allow you to meet your patient’s needs in a timely and efficient manner, streamlining their entire journey. 

In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how SNFConnect works and how it can benefit your practice’s patient communication. 



    SNFConnect Improves Patient Communication with An On-Call Phone System For After Hours 

    Just because you’ve clocked out for the day doesn’t mean the job’s done. Some patients might require your attention outside of the typical 9-5 work schedule, so keeping a secure form of communication with these patients is vital to their overall well-being. SNFConnect provides your practice with a reliable on-call phone system designed for after-hour services.

    With a centralized, cloud-based phone system, SNFConnect connects your practice with every provider through only a single number. And with automated call forwarding, your patients can reach their providers after hours with next to no effort. Whether it’s something minor as fixing late-night stomach bouts or something more concerning like arranging immediate care for an ailing patient, SNFConnect’s phone system makes it easier to spot and solve any patient problems promptly and efficiently.   

    SNFConnect Ensures Your Patients Receive Timely Care 

    Nobody likes to wait, especially when it comes to their care and well-being. SNFConnect provides post-acute care services with a reliable communication platform that provides a persistent communication link so that these practices can provide immediate care and attention for their patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With such a consistent form of communication, patients can be treated promptly to better their overall experience.

    SNFConnect improves patient communication by giving them the care and attention they need, whenever they need it. By eliminating any delays in information or diagnosis, SNFConnect improves practice operations by making sure that your patients receive timely care, even during after-hours. This gives you the chance to focus on your patients at an appropriate and efficient pace to ensure that they get the proper care at just the right time.

    SNFConnect Provides You with Enhanced Privacy and Accessibility 

    Putting your personal phone number out there for the general public can be a bit daunting. But what if we told you that your cellphone number doesn’t have to be the primary source of communication between you and your patients? SNFConnect allows you to separate work and personal contact with a centralized communication platform that gives your patients the care and attention they need, even when you’re unavailable.

    Whether it’s video calling, messaging, or even just a simple voicemail, SNFConnect ensures HIPAA compliance among most communication channels. This ensures that all of your patients receive timely care no matter how they contact you or when they do. SNFConnect makes it possible for you to balance your work life with your personal life without sacrificing any quality care for your patients.

    Improving Patient Communication: SNFConnect Wrapped-Up 

    If you take anything away from this post, it should be this: communication is key to improving patient care and practice operation. And for something so pivotal to your practice, it’s crucial that you have the proper setup. SNFConnect enhances patient communication with an assortment of ground-breaking features. From its centralized phone system for after-hours care to its enhanced privacy and accessibility features, SNFConnect makes communication between you and your patients simple.

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