PALTC Practice Support

Effective PALTC practice support is key to keeping your Post-Acute Long-Term Care (PALTC) practice autonomous while you grow. 

Saisystems Health’s PALTC practice support provides the necessary assistance your practice needs to operate efficiently. With vast expertise in various PALTC solutions, we have the proper applications and knowledge to elevate your practice.  

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Build Your PALTC Practice Support Team.

Why is PALTC practice support so important?  Because running a post-acute long-term care practice is hard. That is, without the proper team.

The PALTC practice support team is made up of a dedicated team of PALTC professionals, Saisystems Health provides a fully understood solution to your practice management and internal challenges.

These state-of-the-art solutions are designed to allow you to focus more on what matters most: your patients’ well-being.

Discover the solutions and services to help you succeed.

The Coverage of TheSNFist™ Suite of Services and Solutions

TheSNFist™ Suite of PALTC operational services and solutions for PALTC Practice Support

Managing a long-term care practice is no easy feat.

From managing revenue to maintaining communication with your patients, there are multiple hurdles to jump over in order to run a successful practice.

These obstacles call for the need for an all-inclusive platform, one that consists of all the technology you need to elevate your PALTC practice support.

TheSNFist™ Suite platform is an extensive system that provides support in all areas of practice management.

From mobile charge capture to enhanced communication and telemedicine, this platform checks off every box when providing the highest quality performance.

Paired with solutions for managing data and improving business intelligence, TheSNFist™ Suite ensures maximum efficiency while covering all aspects of managing a PALTC practice.

With this end-to-end platform, you can save both time and money to run a more effective practice. A practice that truly provides the care their patients deserve.

TheSNFist™ suite is the one stop shop for PALTC Practice Support.

The Power of Revenue Cycle Management

The RCM PacEHR™ electronic health record Bundle PALTC Practice Support

As every practice grows, it begins to experience an influx of patients.   This growth allows the practice to provide more care and generally also experiences a spike in revenue.

But just as your revenue increases, so does the amount of paperwork and billing.

Our reliable RCM platform provides superior cash flow protection for your practice by eliminating payment interruptions and any other billing errors.

Backed by seamless end-to-end financial services, this system manages all phases of your revenue cycle so you can focus more on your patients and less on their payments.

Plus, with expertise in billing and coding, our RCM reinforces your revenue management with insightful data.

This extra level of protection around your practice’s revenue can cut costs tremendously, leading to a stark increase in revenue.

When RCM is paired with PacEHR™ electronic health record it becomes even more powerful.

The Insight of PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record

PacEHR Overview Thumbnail for PALTC Practice Support

Protecting your practice means protecting your data.

Like revenue, there’s a startling increase in documentation and data as a practice grows.

From patient forms to medical records, the more patients your practice receives, the more data it brings in, leading to a surplus of information that can take a toll on the quality of care you deliver.

Delivering complete visibility of your data, Saisystems Health has developed a trailblazing EHR system that provides ultimate PALTC practice support.

Not only does this system boost efficiency by saving time, but our PacEHR™ electronic health record platform also provides seamless navigation among encounters as well as different patient records.

And to improve data capture and quality, this system features built-in MIPS/CCM reporting and documentation, allowing you to make better real-life decisions when providing the care your patients deserve.

PacEHR™ electronic health record integrates with PointClickCare to eliminate care delivery blind spots.

The Effectiveness of Enrollment and Credentialing

Credentialing Overview for PALTC Practice Support

Shield your practice from payment interruptions and common administrative burdens.

Each year, millions are lost in profit due to improper enrollment and payor renewals. Simple administrative errors can sometimes delay the completion of registration, resulting in crippling payment interruptions.

But these complications don’t just stop at the bill.

Quality of health is drastically affected as these interruptions impact a practice’s ability to see their patients.

Our dedicated team of experts can provide the necessary tools and knowledge to avoid these enrollment and credentialing pitfalls by reducing any administrative burden. With this expertise, we ensure that all payments are received promptly and effectively.

This leverage of knowledge allows us to protect your practice by staying up to date with the latest trends and changes among different payor contracts.

The Complete Protection of Our Support

Nobody said you had to do it alone.

Saisystems Health can provide you with the PALTC practice support your practice needs to grow. Backed by vast knowledge in a variety of fields, our systems are the perfect solutions for crucial weak spots in your practice’s management.

From managing revenue to ensuring quality data and documentation, there are various obstacles to running a successful PALTC practice. Obstacles that we have the means for you to avoid.

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