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This site describes the Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export capability provided in Saisystems PacEHR. Electronic health information (EHI) export is a feature of PacEHR that allows end users of the structured electronic health information to move or share patient’s information. This page describes what EHI records are available, common use cases of export, and the types of EHI exports offered for consumers of the structured electronic health information, who can be customers of Saisystem or other authorized entities such as auditing firms, EHR conversion vendors.

Electronic Health Information (EHI) 

EHI focuses on a set of health information that HIPAA covered entities and business associates currently collect, maintain, and make available for access, exchange, and use. For example, EHI is a subset of the same information in a HIPAA Designated Record Set, which may include:

  1. Medical records and billing records about individuals
  2. Enrollment, payment, claims adjudication, and case or medical management record systems maintained by or for a health plan. 
  3. Data used in whole or in part to make decisions about individuals. 

Note: Regulators have excluded certain information from the definition of EHI, such as psychotherapy notes.

EHI Export Use Cases

  1. Bulk EHI export enables export of all patient data belonging to a practice, provider, medical group, or department. This provision to export all EHI will enable providers or departments to have access to their total population.
  2. Single/multi-patient export is useful when patients request their health information or when their information is shared for referrals or authorized auditing purposes.

Types of EHI Exports We Offer

EHI Export for PacEHR offers comprehensive and structured data that:

  1. Includes patients’ health information as managed and exported from PacEHR, for customers in the long term care and post-acute settings. 
  2. Utilizes PacEHR’s APIs that foster interoperability. 
    1. If you are a Saisystems PacEHR customer seeking integration options or connection details for our FHIR APIs, HL7, or native web service APIs, please visit FHIR API documentation for PacEHR. Explore various integration levels and contact information for a seamless experience. For any inquiries, clients can always reach out to their dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  3. Is exported in machine readable XML formats.
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