Depend on Core Values

Our Values Will See Us Through the Crisis

In times of crisis, the values of organizations are tested, but those with a strong core will weather the storm.

We find ourselves in an unfamiliar situation, having to balance service with safety, and now more than ever we must turn to our core values to align us and give us focus and strength.

Many of our clients provide health care to the most at risk percentage of the population and they are relying on us to keep delivering our services.

Fortunately, we’ve built this organization on values and the members of our team have not only embraced them but are committed to them. They embody and live them beyond the walls of our offices.

As the pandemic gained force the value of Seva immediately charged us to find new ways to serve our clients. Our telehealth platform quickly became a valuable tool for keeping our clients safe while allowing them to continue to deliver care to their patients.

The spirit of Dharma is especially evident as team members working remotely demonstrate integrity, responsibility, and accountability as a level of trust and respect must be maintained to achieve success.

Unique problems get solved with unique solutions and at the end of this health crisis the organizations that were able to adapt to changes with innovative solutions will be rewarded.

We have united to maintain our mission to serve during this uncertain time and we are facing challenges head on, each of us relying on each other and our values.

Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, writes in his book Trailblazer, “If there’s one thing that the experiences I’ve shared in these pages taught me it’s that tough times are when values and culture matter most.”

This too will pass, and when it does, we will have gotten through it together.

In your service.

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