As we’ve said in previous posts, billing is one of the most challenging aspects of any practice. Whether it’s crippling lags in payment or troubling capture errors, billing can cause many headaches when running your own practice. As the industry grows, more and more practices are struggling with care delivery due to rising operating costs. These costs can result in regulatory burdens that can put unnecessary restrictions upon payment and reimbursement for you and your patients. Millions are lost each year due to these administrative errors, some of which may have just come out of your practice’s pocket, all because of poor mobile charge capture. 

So, how exactly does one avoid these errors in billing?  

Saisystems Health has developed a state-of-the-art charge capture app specifically designed to improve your practice’s medical billing process.  billEHR™ mobile charge capture app enhances the billing process through an assortment of features that streamline payments and reimbursements. From advanced code research to providing a searchable and easily accessible patient list, the billEHR™ mobile charge capture app increases efficiency at the point of care so practices can spend more time on their patients and less time worrying about the bill.  

In this post, we’ll take a look at how our billEHR™ mobile charge capture app works and how it can benefit your practice’s medical billing process. And, hopefully, save you some money in the process.  


Automatically Identifies Capture Errors 

With the healthcare industry growing more complicated every day, the need for an all-covering mobile charge capture app is more vital now than ever before. Practices need an application that’s more advanced, that’s innovative. An app that can solve any issue long before it becomes a paralyzing problem.  

So why not billEHR™ mobile charge capture app?  

With the billEHR™ mobile charge capture app, your practice can avoid any financial losses caused by capture errors. Utilizing an extensive and well-rounded algorithm, billEHR™ mobile charge capture app can spot and identify capture errors immediately, allowing you the opportunity to fix these issues long before they can lead to any crippling losses in profit. This not only saves you money in the long run but trims down the time you spend on billing and costs allowing you to focus more on your patients’ health and less on their payments.  

    billEHR™ mobile charge capture app Provides An Easily Accessible And Searchable Patient List  

    As your practice grows, so does your patient list. And while that might seem like an automatic boost in revenue, it can actually lead to a substantial loss of profit if not appropriately handled. Most practices develop and maintain a list of all their patients to keep their records straight and in order. But what might just sound like a list of names and addresses is actually a comprehensive and extensive guide to a patient’s history and background. And the more patients you take on, the more your list grows, often leading to confusion and erroneous overlapping.  

    billEHR™ mobile charge capture app provides your practice with a searchable patient list that is easily accessible and simple to navigate. Pertinent information such as a patient’s date of birth, status, and primary emergency contact is all stored within your profile on the billEHR™ mobile charge capture app, ready for use at just the click of a button. Having these crucial pieces of client information readily available will not help improve your patient’s overall experience but help your practice shorten the entire payment process.  

    Compatible With All Internet-Based Mobile Devices (iOS and Android)  

    It’s no secret that smartphones have changed the way virtually every industry conducts business. Tasks that were once considered challenging or tedious are now easy and straightforward, thanks to applications used on smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android. These apps can streamline entire business processes at just the swipe of a finger, cutting down on the amount of time and manpower needed.  

    To reach a wide range of practices and fields, our billEHR™ mobile charge capture app is available for all internet-based mobile devices such as iOS and Android. This wide-range accessibility allows you to run your practice’s payment process from the palm of your hand, giving you real-time data and information to make efficient and quicker decisions. No matter your side on the infamous Apple vs. Android debate, billEHR™ mobile charge capture app is available for both sides.  

      billEHR™ mobile charge capture app Provides MIPS Data Element Capture 

      More and more practices are moving towards using a performance-based payment model. This gives practices the chance to take a look internally to see what can be improved on when it comes to billing and payment. MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) allows you to focus more on quality, costs, and use of electronic health records to make better informed real-life decisions.

      The billEHR™ mobile charge capture app simplifies MIPS data capture based on the quality measures you want to track within your practice, making it easier to focus on areas that could use improvement. By utilizing this crucial data, your practice can avoid the typical pitfalls of billing errors and administrative burdens to improve the quality of your practice’s services. And while MIPS data capture can be tricky to navigate, the billEHR™ mobile charge capture app simplifies this data to make it easier to comprehend.

      Finalizing Payment: billEHR™ mobile charge capture app Wrapped Up

      It’s time to leave behind the days of billing errors and delayed payments. Our advanced billEHR™ mobile charge capture app makes billing easy with distinct features such as a searchable patient list, automated capture error monitoring, and mobile device accessibility. With these features, you can eliminate any billing headaches so you can focus more on running your practice and less on getting paid.   

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