Leadership Lessons:

Key Leadership Lessons from Diwali

Near the end of October, the festival of Diwali was celebrated around the world.   Globally, all of our Saisystems offices took part in the celebration.

Reflecting on the spirit of Diwali, brings to light valuable lessons.

‘Diwali’ means an ‘array of lights’ and the festival marks the triumph of good over evil, the light over the darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

Let us apply this first lesson to different levels of our business.  How do we propagate the light of knowledge throughout our company?

As leaders, we should work to better understand the various cultures within our organization.  

Our offices reside in several countries and our corporate culture binds us all together, but leaders should be aware of the more personal cultures within their organization.   Your team members may celebrate Diwali or Ramadan or Christmas.

These are important to the members of your team and by acknowledging their individual cultures, you strengthen your corporate culture.

This light must also shine on your clients and customers.  The more you know about what is important to them the more prepared you will be to serve them.

Diwali also marks the beginning of a new year.  Many people take time to clean out old items and purchase new ones.  They also make new goals for the upcoming year.

Businesses are doing the same.  The festival also falls around the time many companies are planning their budget for the following year.  It is an opportunity for reviewing the accomplishments of the previous year and planning new goals for the year ahead.

If you have heeded the first lesson and nurtured your connection with your clients, this is the time of year to work with them on new ideas and proposals.

Diwali is a splendid time to keep the future in mind as you build on successes of the past.  In work and in life, find ways to release the negative and embrace the light to gain clarity and focus on the new year.

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