#Letsgodigital: Introducing Saisystems Digital

It is a pleasure to announce the launch of Saisystems Digital.


December 17th officially marked the launch of Saisystems International’s newest division Saisystems Digital.

Digital is our newest innovation to engage with our customers. For Saisystems, it is an new way of leveraging our expertise in technical solutions and knowledge of business domains such as healthcare to support ever changing and new business models and opportunities uncovered by Saisystems Digital. Healthcare in particular is experiencing a tremendous evolution as digital solutions enhance the support and delivery of patient care and disrupt traditional models of business and operations.

The mission of Saisystems Digital is to guide our clients throughout their digital transformation journey and help them uncover new values in their operating and business models through use of digital technologies and platforms.

Digital offerings will primarily focus on three categories.

  1. Digital Strategy Consulting
      • Saisystems Digital collaborates with business operations to assess, identify potential areas to digitalize, discover gaps, unlock opportunities, and help them with a roadmap and forecast ROI
  2. Digital Services
      • Architecture, design, and development services execute the digital strategies using technologies like Cloud, Mobile, UI/UX, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, AI, and Analytics.
  3. Product/Platform as a Service
      • Instant access to digital solutions for healthcare providers such as billEHR – a mobile charge capture solution on a subscription-based model with no upfront development cost or maintenance costs to sustain it. We are going to offer a multitude of applications that talk seamlessly with each other on a digital platform and made available on a transactional and value driven model

Dr. Ramesh Wadhwani, CEO of Saisystems International said, “Through the creation of our new entity–Saisystems Digital, we will be able to provide higher level of service to our clients. We will shorten their digital transformation cycle significantly, providing them a competitive advantage and transforming them into digitally empowered organizations. “

With the amount of in-house experience available, the logic first industry to focus on is Healthcare. We have the knowledge base within our company from our Saisystems Health division to identify pain points in workflows that we can address with digital solutions.

Our PaaS solution has taken a foothold and our clients are seeing the benefits already.

These offering of course are not exclusive to the Healthcare space as plans are in place to also apply these skills to industries like utility services, finance, and manufacturing.

For more information visit Saisystems Digital and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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