Poor Charge Capture Can Result in Financial Losses

Approximately 35% of practices experience delays in capturing charges on the date of service. The lag, on average, can be greater than the range of 3 to 7 days post the date of the patient’s care. Only 2% of practices routinely capture charges in less than an hour.

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Key Features

Using an application like BillEHR™ mobile charge capture app significantly enhances PALTC practice support and shortens turnaround time in the revenue cycle, increasing revenue and cash flow.

The app also improves point of care efficiency and enhances patient experience by taking time from administrative responsibilities and returning it to the patient where it belongs.

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Charge capture using our BillEHR™ mobile charge capture application is the simplest way to significantly reduce the lag in capturing a provider’s charges at the point of care.

It also increases the time providers can spend interacting with their patients. It reduces capture errors thereby avoiding any financial losses. Get in touch to avail the best services.

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