Federal Government authorizes use of Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Health Crisis through Sept 30, 2020

COVID-19 Health Crisis

Federal Government authorizes use of Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Health Crisis through Sept 30, 2020

Saisystems Health advises Post-Acute Practitioners to increase use of Telemedicine during this health crisis.

The World Health Organization has declared a pandemic and the Department of Health and Human Services has declared a public health emergency for the whole nation in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As of this morning, the contagion has been reported in 38 states affecting not only major cities, but also suburban towns and rural areas. Public health authorities have reported more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 to CDC and 25 deaths.

Congress, through the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2020 has relaxed restrictions on providing medical care via telemedicine to allow providers to continue to treat patients in safe and effective manners. Telemedicine is now allowed for all Medicare, Medicare Advantage and some Medicaid beneficiaries during this state of emergency with some restrictions.

Saisystems Health is officially advising its clients, the majority of which are medical practices serving the Post-Acute space to increase the use of telemedicine wherever viable during this state of emergency.

The elderly and those with chronic conditions or multiple medical problems are at extreme risk and the infection could prove fatal. Those patients receiving care and residing in skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities and assisted living facilities are highly vulnerable to this virus and will benefit from the lack of 1:1 exposure that telemedicine provides. Many post-acute practices have providers working in multiple facilities putting them at risk for being exposed or carrying a virus from one facility to another. Providers too will benefit from the telemedicine experience by limiting their exposure to direct patient contact in one or more facilities.

For more resources concerning the Coronavirus and information regarding the use of telemedicine to care for high risk patients contact:

Allison Scheier: ascheier@health.saisystems.com

or contact us at 203-567-5260 or info@saisystems.com.

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