Executing on a Plan of Focus

2020 has begun and it is time to put the plans and strategies for the year into motion.

To build upon my last message, make 2020 the year of focus.

Focus on Your Customers

To retain your customers, you must try to learn from them as well as teach them. Learn their business. Study how they conduct themselves. Where do they excel? What do they find challenging? When you understand your clients’ organizations, cultures and goals you will find opportunities where you can add value.

Finding these openings and presenting them to your clients show them you are committed to sharing in their success. The loyalty between you strengthens and these are the moments when new solutions are created. These new solutions may lead to new products and new lines of business.

It was situations such as these that lead to the launch of Saisystems Digital.

Focus on New Customers

Capitalize on the success and experience gained with your current clients and offer them to others. If you have provided unparalleled value to your clients, you should not have any hesitation in asking them for testimonials and referrals.

There is no better sales and marketing content then the recommendation of satisfied customers.

Focus on Your Team

Our core value of Seva guides us to be of service not only to our clients but to each other. Continually, inspire, educated, and support your team and they will continue to impress you with their dedication and their abilities.

Focus on Yourself

Make time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. Take time to read and be with family. Only if you replenish yourself can you continuously share your energy with others and add value to their lives.

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