Data is a crucial aspect of any industry, especially when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s identifying current trends or improving outcomes, data is a powerful tool that, when utilized properly, can help you make informed decisions and solve pivotal problems for your practice. But in such a data-driven world, it’s easy to drown in unreliable research and information stripped from claims data, datasets that relay an incomplete depiction of its population.  Luckily for you, EHR PointClickCare Integration can fix this. 

The power of EHR PointClickCare Integration can provide your practice with real-time, insightful data that can improve patient outcomes and journeys.  

PointClickCare provides an in-depth system tailored to benefit your practice by improving health outcomes and enhancing communication. This platform combines copious, post-acute data with an expansive, full-continuum network, resulting in immediate, point-of-care access to real-time insights during any stage of a patient’s journey.  

When integrated with PacEHR™ electronic health record, you get the best of both systems, healthcare providers and practices can better understand the needs of their patients by streamlining the documentation process to give the care their patients need when they need it 

EHR PointClickCareIntegration eliminates care delivery blind spots

The healthcare industry is growing increasingly complex every day. Attention to detail is integral to any practice and as the industry grows, so does the documentation. This, paired with unreliable data, can lead to numerous issues such as a distorted view of care, higher readmission rates, and longer lengths of stay, resulting in a crippling loss of revenue each year. 

To avoid these costly financial losses, the industry has shifted to a value-based care model that provides proper care coordination across the continuum. PacEHR™ electronic health record’s PointClickCare integration brings together credible data, helpful insights, and seamless integration to benefit your practice. With this integration, practices can have it all with:  

  • A Neutral Playing Ground with Performance: Eliminate the need to update data and manage spreadsheets manually.  
  • Real-Time Data and Results: Improve the quality of care with real-time data to help you make actionable and insightful decisions.  
  • Seamless Workflows: Transfer crucial patient data such as medications, immunizations, and Vital Signs automatically to save hours of time.

Utilize Reliable Data to Improve Outcomes  

As we said above, data is a powerful tool that is used and leveraged across all industries. And in a world where most of our decisions are made based on how we interpret and analyze data, the need for reliable data is more critical now than it’s ever been before. PacEHR™ electronic health record’s PointClickCare Integration offers multiple features that help healthcare providers utilize data to set up datasets to spot ongoing and insightful trends. These datasets can provide some of the following:  

  • Care Coordination and Patient Insights: Obtain a complete view of your patient’s medical history and background to improve the quality of care.  
  • Provide the Best Possible Care: With reliable and real-time data, caregivers can optimize their patient’s stay and overall well-being. 
  • Expand Over Various Visits and Networks: With strong network partnerships, quality of care improves from successful transitions and outcomes.  

Improve The Patient Journey  

The patient’s journey is the most critical aspect of any practice, and rightfully so. Without the patient, there wouldn’t be a practice to run. So, the most important question any healthcare provider or practice can ask?  

 “How can I better my patient’s experience?”  

 It’s a tricky question with an even trickier solution. For any practice to improve their patient’s journey, they must have the correct information for each patient ready at a moment’s notice. Without having the proper information at the appropriate time, exchange costs increase as the patient’s care is delayed, resulting in a negative experience. PacEHR™ electronic health record’s PointClickCare Integration provides a viable option that helps healthcare providers manage and interpret patient data to streamline the entire process. This results in a higher quality of care and patient satisfaction. This integration improves the patient journey in many ways:  

  • Improve Communication: Having quality health data exchange can help you by providing a clear stream of communication between you and your patients.  
  • Streamline the Patient Journey: Reliable and real-time data allow you to treat your patients quickly and efficiently, making your patient’s journey a simple one. 
  • Educate Your Practice: Streamlined data helps practices grow and learn from past mistakes, clearing the way for a better and more efficient practice.  

EHR PointClickCareIntegration Wrapped-Up  

In the ever-demanding world of healthcare, it’s easy to get lost within the crowd of providers and practices. PacEHR™ electronic health record’s PointClickCare Integration offers a way to stand out and elevate your practice by eliminating health blind spots, relaying viable and accurate data, and improving your patient’s journeys.  

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