Support for Skilled Nursing Facility Workers

Saisystems International Delivers 1,000th Lunch

Saisystems International is proud to announce it has delivered its 1,000th Subway lunch to workers of skilled nursing facilities.

The “SNFs Eat Fresh” program was created in the spirit of Seva, one of Saisystems’ core values, which means to be of service to our clients while contributing to the community.

Saisystems directly collaborates with independently owned and operated Subway franchises to provide lunch to staff of the hardest hit healthcare facilities across the nation.

“The skilled nursing facilities have been caring for the most at-risk segment of our population during the pandemic and we feel they are also the least acknowledged,” said Manoj Wadhwani, President of Saisystems International. “This is an opportunity to thank them for their amazing work and recognize their importance.”

Saisystems will donate up to $100,000 in the purchase and delivery of Subway lunches with a goal of delivering 20,000 lunches across the country by the end of 2020.

The 1,000th lunch was delivered to Lord Chamberlain Nursing Facility in Stratford, CT, on Thursday, July 23.

Robert Sbriglio, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer of Ryders Health Management and owner of the facility said, “You can’t see the joy and you can’t see the smiles behind all the masks right now, but we’ve got a few hundred employees now that are smiling and grateful and just thinking this is a wonderful and generous gesture.”

Mrs. Veronica Miller, RN/AS Director of Nursing Services echoed the sentiment saying, “Thank you so much, it’s so appreciated, the staffers work so hard and to (have) gone through what they’ve gone through, every little bit helps and it’s great to be acknowledged. Thank you so much.”

Saisystems looks forward to sharing further meals and their gratitude with skilled nursing facilities across the country.

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