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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Saisystems International has been named the 100th best performing GSA partner by independent market firm, isiFederal.

Based on data collected from the 2,352 known sellers since January 2017, the Shelton-based company has sold just shy of $2 million worth of products and services, making up 4.6% of the trillion-dollar market value.

"We were very excited to receive this news,” said Value Added Resale (VAR) Senior Vice President, Don Shownkeen. “Just last year, we ranked 107th, so the jump was a great surprise.”

A surprise, but not completely unexpected. Shownkeen attributes Saisystems International’s quick growth to an evolving federal purchasing climate, outbound marketing, and quality customer relations.

“My team never compromises on finding clients the best items that not only satisfy their technology needs, but their price points as well. I know they made all the difference,” he said.

The report comes just shy of a second quarter close that saw sales up 36% from this time last year. Increasingly motivated by the updated rankings, Shownkeen’s outlook for the remainder of 2018 is as bright as ever.

The full report from isiFederal is available here.